Winterflush® — Winterize Your Boat today!

  1. Winterflush is self contained and leaves your property chemical free
  2. Saves you money by eliminating maintenance fees
  3. Our continuous circulation method thoroughly winterizes your engine
  4. The Winterflush patented receptacle allows you to easily examine the water/anti-freeze mixture in your block
  5. Winterflush is portable and can be used anywhere without a water source or hose
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Don't delay - Winterflush® Today!

Purchase the Winterflush® Boat Winterizing Kit today and save a boatload of money over the life of the product.

Our Boat Winterizing Kit product has been developed, tested and manufactured right here in the Ocean State of Rhode Island. We may not be the biggest but we are definitely the best boat winterizing kit on the market today. We'll ship our boat maintenance products anywhere in the world — right to your doorstep.

The Winterflush® winterizing kit makes boat maintenance a snap. Winterflush allows flushing and preparation of your inboard/outboard engine for winter storage right on the trailer! Better still, Winterflush is environmentally friendly. Our boat maintenance kit contains your boat's old antifreeze and keeps your property chemical free.

This patented universal boat winterizing kit is the first and only of its kind. Don’t trust anyone but the original Winterflush® with your boating investment.

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See Winterflush in Action

See Dual Exhaust Winterflush in Action

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For maximum protection, we suggest draining and closing the engine block petcocks. Or use the winterflush container without the skirt first until red antifreeze starts coming out then shut it down. This will force most of the water out of the block. Hook up the skirt and start circulating till you hit operating temperature. The hot fluid you are circulating will open the thermostat and flood your manifolds and heads with antifreeze.  Also use minus one hundred propylene glycol marine RV antifreeze when using our product.

After you winterflush your engine and circulate full strength antifreeze with the existing water still hiding in your engine, the water antifreeze mixture in the winterflush container and your engine block becomes the same.

Winterflush actually allows you to test the container/engine block mixture using the propylene glycol tester provided; to see if more antifreeze concentration is needed.

To increase concentration, simply pump out one gallon of the container mixture into the original bottle then add another gallon of strait antifreeze into the container and run it through.  (Retest the mix after this step) .

With this type of antifreeze the higher the concentration the more protection your engine will have.

It's clean
It's efficient
It's WinterFlush

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Winterize your boat with Winterflush!