How to use the Winterflush® product

Thank you for purchasing our Winterflush® product.

How to Winterize a BoatThis device will make winterizing your inboard/outboard raw water marine engine, quick and easy. Our kit is universal and can be used on all stern drives that use flushing ears and have accessible exhaust ports. If you own a stern drive, in a cold winter climate, this patented kit is a must have for all boat owners. It is portable and can be used at any location. It’s self-contained and leaves no mess, while saving you money, because it is reusable year after year.We recommend draining the engine block before using winterflush or use the kit without the skirt for about 5 minutes to push out the water. Then hookup the skirt and start circulating.

Important note: Do not use Winterflush® on boats with existing cooling or mechanical problems.

Assembling the unit

  • First take the two skirted legs and slide them into the sleeves that are in the container
  • Next take the two cross members and insert them into each cup-holder,
  • Take both ends and slide them into each other.
  • Then secure the skirt to the cross-member using the snap.
  • Watch a quick movie of Winterflush being assembled

Your unit is now assembled.

Setting up and positioning Winterflush®

  • Lubrimatic Grease GunAt this time slide the kit under the stern drive while aiming the skirt under the exhaust ports.
    • You may need to position the skirt in different directions depending on what make the drive is.
    • If the boat is on a trailer you may need to raise or lower the tongue or adjust the trim to achieve proper clearance.
  • Attach the hose to the flushing ears.
  • Fill the container with 3 gallons of -100 environmentally safe antifreeze.
  • Connect the battery leads, red to positive, black to negative.
    • Any 12 volt power source can be used. Even the battery in the boat.
  • Make sure pump is on and fluid is circulating thru the transparent hose.

Boat MotorNow we are ready to start the engine

  • Start the boat engine and allow it to run until it reaches operating temperature. This will allow the thermostat to open and will ensure proper winterizing.
  • Do not race engine when using Winterflush. Run motor at idle only.
  • Always remember to turn on the pump and make sure liquid is flowing to stern drive before starting engine
  • Always remember to use environmentally safe -100 antifreeze, This can be purchased at any marine store or plumbing supply warehouse.
  • Never engage stern drive allowing propeller to spin while winterflush is being used
  • Check antifreeze in container with antifreeze tester
  • Return unused antifreeze back into its original container by disconnecting the hose from the flushing ears insert it in to the container and turning on the pump.
  • Rinse out the winterflush kit, disassemble, and pack it away for next time.

Please contact us with any questions.

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